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95% of all wide belt sanders are improperly set-up and used.

This results in inconsistent, low quality sanded surfaces, and color variations in the finishing operation. It also increases belt costs and results in uneven machine wear.

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It's costing you money and resulting in quality problems!

The effect of this is inconsistent quality, higher maintenance, higher supply costs, and high rework costs. The bottom line is that it costs you money. In a time when your competition is becoming more global and profit margins are shrinking, doesn't it make sense to insure that your company is operating at peak efficiency for maximum profit? This is why your company will benefit from The Principles of Wide belt Sanding & Data Reference Manual and the other tools that have been specifically developed by Sanding Systems Consulting for wide belt sanders.

Don't be fooled into thinking that you are part of the 5% operating at peak efficiency. Even the smallest gain in productivity and efficiency leads to increased profits. Over a period of ten years, SSC has analyzed the sanding systems of over 500 companies and has reviewed over 1,000 wide belt sanders of various makes and models in actual day-to-day operation. During this evaluation, SSC became aware of a distinct number of common operating problems regardless of the products being manufactured or the size of the company. Because of these issues, SSC has developed a group of solutions and products to deal with these common problems faced by manufacturers.

If you think about it, these problems probably exist to some degree in your operation and it's costing you money. Find out how much and how to correct these issues and many more by calling Sanding Systems Consulting Inc. We will help you improve your quality, increase finish consistency, and help reduce your sander operating costs. Guaranteed.

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